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Consumer spending under threat as job security fears mount

The Telegraph

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России перестало хватать профессионалов


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Wages stagnate as mid-tier roles vanish


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Estagnação salarial intensifica lacuna de competências

Dinheiro Vivo

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Asia Pacific sees wage gap driven wider by skills mismatch

Global Recruiter

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Wages flat-line as technology makes mid-tier jobs redundant: Hays

Staffing Industry

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Tecnologia contribui para a estagnação generalizada dos salários

Jornal Economico

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Now harder to hire people with right skills

Information Age

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New technology causing skills gaps and stagnant wages

HR Magazine

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Навыки не успевают за экономикой


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NZ still short of demand for highly-skilled professionals


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Skills gap driven by changing structure of labour market

Workplace Insight

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Por que é que os salários quase não crescem?

HR Portugal

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Аналитики сообщили о дефиците профессионалов на рынке труда в России

Vechérnyaya Moskvá

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NZ facing shortage of talent

Human Resources Director

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The slowdown in wage growth is having damaging impacts on living standards