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in 2016 6.5
0 2.5 5 7.5 10

Key drivers

Talent mismatch

Skills mismatches are a problem for Luxembourg, as job vacancy rates have risen recently.

Wage pressure in high-skill industries

Rising wages in services and retail increased pressure on Luxembourg’s high-skill industries, relative to lower-skill ones.

Wage pressure in high-skill occupations

High-skill occupations experienced slower earnings growth than lower-skill ones. Trade and service workers saw relatively strong earnings growth.


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View from the ground

Tina Ling, Managing Director, Hays France & Benelux

Employment in Luxembourg continues to grow and this has resulted in a low unemployment rate of the working age population at 6 per cent. This increase does not reflect the ongoing demand for skilled workers. All sectors have benefitted from this increased confidence and dynamism. We have seen notable increases in real estate activities (+7.3 per cent), business services (+6.6 per cent) and IT (+3.5 per cent). We have also observed a contrast between the stagnating Luxembourg automobile market compared to the rest of Europe (+4.6 per cent). Investors and analysts are showing upward confidence for this year, particularly with a more relaxed and calmer European backdrop than in recent years.

Tina Ling, Managing Director, Hays France & Benelux

Country Profile

The Hays Global Skills Index Score for Luxembourg increased this year, suggesting there is more pressure in the labour market.

Overall wages are expected to grow in 2017 by 1.3 per cent, which is faster than in 2016 (0.5 per cent) and indicative of stronger competition among employers for talented workers.

Labour pressures might be higher in Luxembourg if not for the country’s growing working age population. The UN expects growth of 5 per cent between 2015 and 2020, which will increase the size of the labour pool. The increase is driven in large part by a high new immigration rate relative to the country’s population.

Key skills in demand

  • Java developers
  • Cost estimation engineers
  • Trilingual sales (FR/ENG/GER)
  • Trilingual controllers (FR/ENG/GER)
  • Trilingual assistants (FR/ENG/GER)

News and Press Materials

Tina Ling, Managing Director, Hays France & Benelux