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Key drivers

Education flexibility

Hong Kong’s strong record for educational attainment continues to provide employees with a talent pipeline to hire from.

Labour market participation

Hong Kong’s higher labour market participation rates labour market pressures as they a larger pool of workers to pick from. Rising rates are important given the expected fall in the working age population in the future.

Labour market flexibility

Hong Kong’s efficient and transparent business and labour regulation continue to contribute to a flexible labour market, meaning employees find it relatively easy to hire from outside of Hong Kong.


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View from the ground

Dean Stallard, Managing Director, Hays Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s economy has a positive, but qualified, outlook for growth that is benefitting from the ever-growing influx of Chinese capital into the territory and in time, it’s recent membership to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). However, the pace of change in Hong Kong’s financial services sector is increasing, and along with the emergence of new business models such as Hong Kong banks and other financial institutions entering into partnerships with FinTech businesses, this is putting an enormous strain on the pool of available talent. The upside is that financial institutions will be able to achieve their goals without major capital expenditure, which will also help to cement Hong Kong’s profile as one of the world’s top digital technology hubs.

Dean Stallard, Managing Director, Hays Hong Kong

Country Profile

The working age populating in Hong Kong is forecast by the UN to decline by 2.4 per cent between 2015 and 2020.

The challenging demographics in Hong Kong will pose a challenge for businesses looking to attract talented workers, as they will be in shorter supply. However, Hong Kong’s flexible labour market and labour market participation rates that are expected to rise over the next few years will help counteract the shrinking working age population.

Key skills in demand

  • Cyber security experts
  • Compliance professionals
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • Developers
  • Sales professionals

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Dean Stallard, Managing Director, Hays Hong Kong