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in 2016 5.5
0 2.5 5 7.5 10

Key drivers

Talent mismatch

The gap between workers’ skills and employers’ needs has grown, with simultaneous high unemployment and job vacancies.

Overall wage pressure

Behind France’s unchanged score, several indicators have moved considerably. Pressure on French employers has been eased somewhat by slower wage growth.

Wage pressure in high-skill industries

The wage premium on high-skill industries is high relative to the past, meaning employers are paying more to attract the skills they need.


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View from the ground

Tina Ling, Managing Director, Hays France & Benelux

The economic situation in France is gradually improving. Growth forecasts for the year 2017 are around 1.5 per cent according to INSEE and Banque de France sources. This is due to external factors such as oil prices, low interest rates and a low Euro valuation, as well as domestic influences including lower labour costs and low rates of tax. The labour market is benefitting from the recovery. The unemployment rate is falling but remains high and professionals are confronted with a strained market with almost full employment. Many companies are experiencing difficulties in finding the skills they need to develop. France is in a period of recovery but remains vulnerable to the slightest economic upset.

Tina Ling, Managing Director, Hays France & Benelux

Country Profile

One of France’s more persistent labour market issues is high unemployment. While good for businesses that want to expand their operations now, this may cause significant challenges in the long run.

Nearly one in ten people who wanted a job in France could not find one in 2016. The persistently high unemployment rate could cause problems in the long run, since many people who could be in work, gaining skills and contributing to the talent pipeline of tomorrow, are currently unable to find employment.

This problem is even more pronounced in Franc’s youth. Among those aged 15-24, one in every four people who want a job cannot find one.

Key skills in demand

  • Tax specialists
  • Cost estimation engineers
  • Service technicians
  • Developers
  • Biostatisticians

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Tina Ling, Managing Director, Hays France & Benelux